Feasibility Studies

Growthink provides in-depth analyses to help determine how sound current business ideas are and evaluate the project’s potential for success. A feasibility study looks at the viability of a business venture or project with an emphasis on identifying potential problems.

We assess economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors to determine potential positive and negative outcomes of a project.

Our feasibility study process includes conducting in-depth market sizing and trend analysis, customer needs research, and competitive intelligence.

Growthink works with our clients to expertly assess this information and answer two main questions: Will the proposed business/venture work, and should you proceed with it?

Growthink not only relies on our market research methodologies to ensure that we are working with the best data, but we leverage our extensive knowledge of past business successes and failures.

Specifically, Growthink has a vast working knowledge of firms in multiple industries who have tried and succeeded and/or failed with specific business ideas and strategies. Growthink applies this knowledge to our clients so they repeat successes and avoid strategies that have proven to be flawed.

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