Another Day At ‘Home’… With The Wonderful ‘Sailing Teatime’ Family

sailing teatime
Photo courtesy Sailing Teatime

Domonkos, Anna, Kati and Boroka are a Hungarian family of four who decided to fulfill their dream: sailing around the globe in a 50 foot boat called “Teatime.” We met them!

“We left Croatia in late June 2020 and sailed around Italy, Spain, Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. Then we stopped for some time on Cape Verde before crossing the Atlantic. To date, our longest ocean crossing was 16 days at sea, from Cape Verde to Martinique. We spent Christmas around Martinique, then continued to sail in January to Guadeloupe, St. Barths and we are currently spending time on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. Our plan was to head to the Panama Canal to continue on to French Polynesia, but because it is closed due to the pandemic, we decided to cruise one more year around the Caribbean and sail to the Pacific in 2022. We plan on sailing for 4 or 5 more years in order to be able to stop and enjoy the time at the most beautiful places in the region.”

Photo courtesy Sailing Teatime

What about your everyday life?

“At first, we have to declare that it was very difficult, especially working, learning, cooking and dishwashing at the same time in a tiny space but by now we have overcome this challenge, too, and have accustomed to it successfully.
The beauty of our trip, however, is that we’re in no rush, and are happy to let pandemic restrictions and weather dictate our route. Of course, we monitor coronavirus rules closely, taking COVID-19 tests as needed.
Currently, our daughters (7 and 9 years old) are homeschooling in the mornings and if it’s possible we’ll check in with their teachers over Skype or Teams. But usually they learn with Anna. Occasionally we hold Physical Education in the sea by swimming next to wonderful sea creatures, or practicing letter formation and arithmetic examples in the sand. Then we can study nature as well, in our special environment: plants, aquatic and terrestrial animals, e.g., and we can also learn about oceanic and tropical weather.

Sailing Teatime
Photo courtesy Sailing Teatime

“Domi is a software developer, so luckily he could solve to work remotely from the boat. Besides,we have to do some maintenance work on the boat in order to sail further safely, and buy some necessary insurances – so we do not really have time to be bored. Furthermore, because of the big interest, we try to take pictures and videos about our journey ( – we will launch our YouTube channel soon. It takes a lot of time, the right tools and equipment to make these contents, but we enjoy it and would like to continue content creating. Fortunately, there are already some followers who value our efforts and we are really grateful for them if they support us with the price of a cup of tea or on our Patreon page that is slowly coming to life.”

Sailing Teatime
Photo courtesy Sailing Teatime

Why did we name our boat “Teatime”?

A family tradition we had back at home was having afternoon tea. It was the time of day we spent together, listening to each other. This was the most important part of our everyday life. We could barely wait to sit down, just us, and focus on each other. Now this tradition turned into a full time activity on SV TEATIME.

Last but not least… what does it mean sailing for you?

Sailing means for us freedom, spending time together, sport, real values, constant challenges, meeting new people and cultures,  peace and nature!

Remember to follow the adventures of Domonkos, Anna, Kati and Boroka! Click here!

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