OSCAR ONE 320, The All In One Collision Avoidance System Is Here

Oscar one 320

Do you remember the OSCAR system? This system detects and identifies floating objects on your route and assesses the risk of collision in real time. The new OSCAR ONE 320, the first all in one collision avoidance system based on computer vision, is now available.

The OSCAR ONE 320 combines the vision unit and the processing unit. It is directly connected to your MFD (multi-functional display) or onboard computer and the OSCAR application can also be displayed on your tablet and smartphone.

How OSCAR ONE 320 works

OSCAR technology is based on an embedded camera system coupled with artificial vision and data analyzing algorithms. The key components are three:

  1. Detection unit: mounted on top of the mast or on a universal marine electronics mount. The vision unit constantly scans the surroundings ahead of the boat using two thermal camera and a day camera
  2. Processing unit: the systems brain, mounted inside the boat, provides a real-time analysis of the video footage via algorithms developed for artifial vision and alerts in case of collision risk
  3. Mobile app, to control all settings and adjust them at all times

Click here to discover more about the OSCAR technology.

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