7 things you don’t have to do during a sailboat holiday

Anyone that has been sailing will tell you how different it is from a normal holiday. There are just certain things that you have to do: calculate the tides and sunset, wear a life vest and bring your first aid kit among many other things. However, has anyone ever told you about the things you don’t have to do during a sailboat holiday? Unlikely! Here are the picks of the 7 things you don’t have to do during a sailing holiday!

1. Bring your car!

Photo by Team BHP & Respective Owners
Photo by Team BHP & Respective Owners

Find alternate means of transport as leaving your car parked so close to the dock exposes it to a very humid, salt-filled air that creates rust and has a corrosive effect on your vehicle (as well as the seagulls). This is doubly true if you are planning a longer sailing trip. You want to avoid ending up like this guy!

2. Check your Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram

Photo by Respective Owners
Photo by Respective Owners

Smartphone users (especially the younger ones) are often seen sitting across from each other, staring into their phones in silence, presumably Whatsapping, Facebooking or browsing “the gram”. As there is no reception for most of a sailing holiday, so this “zombie-effect” is nullified! Quality time with friends and family can thus be enjoyed!

3. Make an effort to socialize

Photo by Super Calin
Photo by Super Calin

Sailing with your crew, coordinating and working together to steer the vessel together as a unit leads to a bond being formed. It also helps that you are spending hours on end with each other in the sun, cruising some exotic, turquoise-colored waters.

4. Limit yourself to one place

Photo by Linda Pasquariello sailboat holiday
Photo by Linda Pasquariello

One of the main thrills of a sailing holiday is the adventure of discovering previously unknown waters! There is no feeling like that of sailing with the wind at your backs discovering one island after the other in the Greek Cyclades, the Balearic Islands, the Caribbean or a myriad of other destinations.
It is at the heart of what makes sailing such a sport of passion.

5. Pay for your meals!

Photo by Tor Johnson sailboat holiday
Photo by Tor Johnson

It is always a real treat when your skipper is a true man of the sea. A skipper who is also a great fisher can combine forces with his crew to produce a sumptuous dinner. However, this is not as easy as it sounds, one must know the fishing spots and of course luck is always part of the game! Enjoy your free meal!

6. Worry about accomodation

Photo Beneteau sailboat holiday
Photo Beneteau

There are usually a few cabins even in the smallest sailboats. Take the Beneteau Oceanis 31 (named after the Cyclades islands close to Athens) for instance, which is barely 10m in length: as can be seen, Beneteau sailboats are very modern and spacious inside, making for a comfortable, even relaxed ride and holiday.

7. Shoulder the fuel costs

sailboat holiday
Photo by Respective Owners

As opposed to motor yachts, a sailboat necessitates very little fuel (for obvious reasons).
That combined with the fact that sailboats are generally much cheaper than motorboats of the same length and carrying capacity, it makes for a much more cost-effective holiday.

Now with a bit more of an idea of what to expect from a sailing holiday, pack your bags and book your boats!

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