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Sailing Nandji: Sunday, the day to relax…

Usually I am an early riser. When the sun is up, it’s time for me to do the same. There is a little adjustment I am still getting used to in Queensland and that is no day light savings. I understand why, but still I find it hard to comprehend.

The sun rises at 5 in the morning, why should there be light when you are trying to sleep. I also understand this is a concept only for Australia, as places like Sweeden have extreme day light hours in the summer and darkness in the winter, but I think if the sun is up, so should I. With the sun rising so early in the morning, means it sets at 6:30pm in the evening. Why wouldn’t you adjust the hours of light to a little later in the day… Anyway, this Sunday I decided I would try and sleep in.

We just uploaded our latest episode and felt that we had earned a little extra sleep and a morning of relaxing. How silly I was…


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