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In today’s economy, a business’ likelihood to succeed is directly correlated with its ability to innovate. But most organizations change and innovate way too slowly, if at all.

Growthink has developed a test to measure an organization’s Innovation Quotient , or its “IQ.”

The test measures organizational attributes like clarity of mission, process for pursuing new initiatives, the change-friendliness of its culture, and its “intuition” as to customers wants and preferences.

The test gives a powerful snapshot of the innovation aspects of businesses that are best of class, and reveals those needing re-engineering and rejuvenation.

Business leaders should also look within and authentically ask themselves how committed and able they are, at this point in time, to lead dynamic change and growth at their companies.
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How well does your organization innovate?

Are you discouraged? Scattered?

Was your last new product or service launch a huge success?

Have you successfully built systems to streamline operations and increase sales and profits like clockwork?

If so, great!

If not, Growthink can help you. If you’d like to take our Innovation Quotient test and/or find out how we can help, contact us below to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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